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Houston Drug Crime Lawyer

Are you charged with a drug crime? My firm can help!

There are a large number of illegal acts that can be considered "drug crimes" in Houston, ranging in severity from misdemeanors to serious felonies. They include:

What drugs are illegal?

Illegal drugs can include those that are illegal for almost anyone to possess- such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy - and those that are legally prescribed but illegal for someone who does not have a valid prescription to possess - Codeine, Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, and others. These drugs are classified by "penalty groups" or "schedules." Some schedules or penalty groups are higher level crimes than others. For example, any amount of cocaine or heroin is a felony offense in Texas. Some simulated drugs, including "K-2" or "Spice" are also illegal.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Texas

Searching for an attorney for a drug crime case? Most drug laws that affect Texans are based upon the type of drug and amount involved, and are contained within Title 6 of the Texas Health & Safety Code. Although not all drugs are treated equally, the basic rule of thumb is that the harder the drug and the more drugs one illegally has, the more serious the crime.

Whether the person was merely possessing, in possession with intent to deliver, manufacturing, delivering, or transporting the drug(s), will determine the seriousness of the crime and potential punishment. Where the individual was caught, particularly if at or near a school, may also be a factor.

As with any crime, the person's criminal history may also affect the range of punishment.

Conviction of a drug crime can have long term consequences. Some possible penalties include:

  • Probation
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Prison
  • Losing ability to drive
  • Difficulty obtaining financial aid for school
  • Difficulty obtaining employment
  • Difficulty renting an apartment

Drug Crime FAQ

Does a drug possession charge automatically mean jail time?

No, not necessarily. First of all, you must be found guilty and convicted of the drug possession. Even in a conviction, not all sentences will include jail or prison time. It depends largely on the type and quantity of the controlled substance, the number of prior convictions on your record, whether any other criminal activity accompanied the drug possession charges, such as the presence of weapons and the location of the crime. Your best chance of avoiding jail time is to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Houston who is ready to craft a solid defense case for you.

Is a misdemeanor offense worth hiring a lawyer to defend?

Any drug-related charge is worth defending because even a conviction for a misdemeanor will carry penalties including fines, possible incarceration and other restrictions. Furthermore, it shows up on a criminal record that can later be accessed by any person (including employers) who run a background check. Even if you're the drug violation is a minor misdemeanor, I recommend speaking with our drug crime attorney before you make any decisions about what to do.

Why am I being charged at the federal level?

Certain drug-related offenses are d federal crimes, including sales, manufacturing, and trafficking when borders have been crossed, or certain types of communications services employed in any aspect of the case (mail, trucking firms, bank wires, etc.). Transporting any drugs across state lines immediately puts your case under federal jurisdiction. The federal court system imposes heavy penalties, often far more extensive than cases that are resolved in state court. The federal criminal justice system has extremely aggressive prosecutors and the full support of investigative units such as the FBI, FDA, ATF and DEA at its disposal. You will need a highly skilled and deeply experienced federal drug crime defense lawyer to help you fight a federal charge.

History of Drug Crime Charges

Since the Nixon Administration declared the "War on Drugs" in 1970, our nation has waged a never ending and extremely expensive conflict against drug users, suppliers, and their associates, that has seen law enforcement budgets and incarceration rates explode. More people are in jail and prison or on probation or parole for drug related crimes than any other cause. The fact that the vast majority of these are users who may suffer from addiction or a mental health condition, is lost on policy makers. In fact, local police unions have revolted against the Harris County District Attorney's decision not to prosecute so called "crack pipe" cases, where the residue of drugs is often too small to test or re-test.

Hire a Tough Drug Crime Attorney

Need an attorney for a drug crime case in Houston? Don't let people tell you that "it's no big deal." Drug crimes are treated very seriously in the State of Texas, and can be met with very serious penalties in the event of a conviction. Even a "deferred adjudication" can impact your future ability to get a job, an apartment, education, or professional license. While some states and jurisdictions have legalized small amounts of drugs, Texas hasn't, and the Federal government hasn't either.

Looking for an attorney for a drug charge?

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need the help of a trusted criminal defense lawyer to defend you aggressively throughout your legal proceedings. I, Tate Williams, of the Law Offices of Q. Tate Williams, P.C., have practiced law for 12 years, which has given me the skill and insight necessary to provide high quality representation to those facing drug charges. I am immediately available to discuss your drug charges with you, and may be able to build a legal defense in your case that results in your charges being reduced or dropped completely.

Contact my office right away if you have been charged with a drug crime, as even the most minor drug offense can result in stiff penalties.

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