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Recent Posts in Local History Category

Marfa Takes Manhattan

According to Reports, the editor-in-chief of Texas Monthl y, Jake Silverstein, is to be named to the position of editor of the New York Time Magazine. This is interesting, if for no other reason, ...
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Tell Them Andy Sent You

The most widely covered trial in America this week has been in a Los Angeles courtroom where the University of Texas and Ryan O'Neal are duking it out over an Andy Warhol portrait of his on and ...
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Last Ride of the Luv Ya Blu

People who've been to my office may have noticed that I drink coffee out of a twenty year old Houston Oilers mug. It has the logo on one side and a team roster on the other. When occasionally ...
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The Jack Ruby Trial: A Teaching Moment

There was only one criminal trial in Texas related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Jr, the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald killer Jack Ruby. And for the people of Dallas who wanted to ...
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"Badges, We Don't Need No Stinking Badges"

So what do Eagle Scout criminal trial lawyers do when waiting outside a local federal courtroom where the judge has his own merit badge sash on the wall? Compare merit badges. Surprisingly - none of ...
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"Mama, I'm with the police...Mama, I killed Dean."

The Houston Chronicle has a great photoblog post on the Candyman killings of the late sixties and early seventies that I've written about before.
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"It Was 20 Years Ago Today..."

35-3. The Comeback. If you were an Oilers fan in 1993, you know exactly where you were and what you were you were doing when you found out the Oilers were blowing their 35-3 lead. At my house we had ...
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Morbid Anniversary

The Houston Chronicle 's Bayou City HIstory blog has a pair of posts ( here and here ) about the murder of Dr. John Hill, a River Oaks plastic surgeon, forty years ago this week, and the earlier ...
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Former Local ADA Leads Edwards Prosecution

For those following the trial of former Senator John Edwards in North Carolina, the lead prosecutor on the case, David V. Harbach, II, was an Assistant Harris County District Attorney not many years ...
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The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast

CA-30, the second of four U.S. Navy vessels to be named the USS Houston, was sunk seventy years ago today in the Battle of Sunda Strait. Her bell was recovered in 1978 and is now preserved as part of ...
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You know you've been doing this a while if....

In the spirit of the Houston Chronicle's twitter topic on "How to know you're a real Houstonian," below is a list of some ways you might know you've been practicing criminal law ...
Continue reading "You know you've been doing this a while if...." »

Candy Man Cases Still Being Unwrapped

It seems I'll never get away from the "Candy Man." Dean Corll, the so-called "Candy Man," was a serial killer Northwest Houston parents used for years as a cautionary tale to ...
Continue reading "Candy Man Cases Still Being Unwrapped" »

Remembering Armistice Day

There are libraries of books about the Great War, about the generation it killed and the generation that survived, perhaps neither understanding what it was about and the latter knowing only for ...
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Three Takes on Telephone Road

Any lawyer who has practiced crimnal law in Harris County for more than a few years of the past fifty has handled a case or ten that started on Telephone Road (Prostitution, DWI, Assault, etc.). While ...
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Lead Belly Slept Here

The Central Farm Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Instiutional Division (f/k/a TDC) has closed and is certain to be re-developed into some more suitable suburban enterprise. The ...
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Lost in the Flood

For some Houstonians, Tropical Storm Allison was a bigger deal than Hurricane Katrina, which filled Houston with Louisiana refugees; Hurricane Rita, which filled area freeways with unnecessary ...
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Say it Ain't So

Many mornings in law school, the first call I received was from then Houston Councilman, Joe Roach. My roommate worked in his city hall office and Joe would call to talk business over breakfast. ...
Continue reading "Say it Ain't So" »

Farewell to a Friend

A mentor of mine used to joke that he looked at the Courthouse and saw a caste system. He was referring to husband and wife lawyers, judges, and young attorneys whose parents and grandparents had ...
Continue reading "Farewell to a Friend" »

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