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Recent Posts in DWI Category

There's No "I Was Watching the Texans" Defense to DWI

If you feel like the Houston Texans are driving you to drink - and drive- you should be aware that is no defense in Court. While police, prosecutors, and potential jurors may feel sympathetic to your ...
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Kosar Plays It Smart After DWI Arrest

Former NFL Quarterback and University of Miami great Bernie Kosar was arrested for DWI in Ohio on Sunday. According to the Associated Press, he refused a breath test. This may be the smartest call ...
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How Much Does a DWI Cost?

The number one question asked by those accused of Driving While Intoxicated in Texas is "How Much is this going to cost me?" Depending on the persons criminal record, the jurisdiction, and ...
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The End of Speeding Tickets and More

According to reports, speeding tickets may be a thing of the past in Europe as the E.U. may require cars to electronically detect speed limits and prevent cars from going over them. This blog has ...
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Google Will Drive Down Crime

Driverless cars are coming and, according to the AP, that foretells the end of millions of jobs for people who drive for a living and even Paul Krugman is impressed. It also means the end of ...
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A Tough Call (Updated)

A 19 year old Houston woman was arrested late last night for intoxication manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid. Bail was set in each case at $50,000, for a total of $100,000. This amount is ...
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Texas Likely to Ignore NTSB on Cell Phones

Today, the Houston Chronicle, citing TXDoT, reported that in 2010 there were 3,409 cell phone related accidents with 46 fatalities. The article was about the unlikelihood of Texas following the ...
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Video Evidence - Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I recently told a jury in opening statements that they, "would see a video-recorded walk-through of the home the day after the fire, showing nothing packed, a cell phone still on a bedside table ...
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Winehouse Pathology Illuminates DWI Laws

Revelations about the cause of the death of singer Amy Winehouse may help put Texas DWI laws into context. According to a CNN.com article today, her blood alcohol-level was 421 ml per 100 ml of blood ...
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Annual Harris County Criminal Courts at Law Statistics

The following statistics are taken from statistics compiled annually by the state and published here. Theft and hot check cases aside, DWI and Assault cases are the most common category of misdemeanor ...
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Consequences of Convictions & "Unknown Unknowns"

Most attorneys who represent individuals under investigation or prosecution for criminal offenses at some point have to answer the "How will this affect me?" question. Clients want to know ...
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