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Blog Posts in 2016

Another Shaken Baby Story that Wasn't

The Daily Beast has a lengthy piece about a young couple accused of abusing their child based who did not. As described in the article, there is a growing awareness of problems in so-called ...
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Violence Against Police is Never the Answer

Violence is NEVER the answer to any frustration with law enforcement or the criminal justice system regardless of the merits of those complaints. The attack and assassinations that occurred last week ...
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Hoover's FBI Supported Miranda Decision

Today's Washington Post features and article by Richard Willing describing the FBI's role in the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Miranda of "You have right to remain silent...." ...
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"The False Promise of DNA Testing"

The Atlantic recently published a very informative article about how DNA testing has become less credible relevant and reliable as its use has grossly expanded based upon inadequate training, ...
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Letting Federal Judges Do Just That

For many who encounter the federal criminal justice system, the United States Sentencing Guidelines may seem like the byzantine bane of a defendant's existence. Learning how to navigate them, the ...
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