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Blog Posts in 2012

Corporate Genesis of the Painkiller Abuse Epidemic?

I would guess that most criminal defense lawyers in America have handled a case or twelve related to the growing epidemic of the abuse of prescription pain killers - whether for possession, ...
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Even a Little Family Violence Goes a Long Way

I frequently receive calls from fellow Texans who have successfully completed a Deferred Adjudication for a Class A Misdemeanor Assault on a family member. They want to know two things - can they buy ...
Continue reading "Even a Little Family Violence Goes a Long Way" »

Hope for Domestic Violence Suspect

Former Dancing With the Stars contestant and U.S. Soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo's fiancee Jerramy Stevens was arrested the day before their wedding for suspicion of assaulting her, but was later ...
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Morbid Anniversary

The Houston Chronicle 's Bayou City HIstory blog has a pair of posts ( here and here ) about the murder of Dr. John Hill, a River Oaks plastic surgeon, forty years ago this week, and the earlier ...
Continue reading "Morbid Anniversary" »

The First Court Date - What to Expect

Once the initial shock of arrest and pre-trial release wears off, many people accused of a crime in Harris County will look at the handful of papers given to them upon their release from jail and ...
Continue reading "The First Court Date - What to Expect" »

"Presumed Innocent Until Proven Broke" (Updated)

Houston lawyer, Ron Mock, is known to remark that in the criminal justice system "you're presumed innocent until proven broke," which I've always interpreted to mean that it's ...
Continue reading ""Presumed Innocent Until Proven Broke" (Updated)" »

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (Updated)

A good result in a criminal case typically doesn't come quickly in Harris County. While there may be a number of con-artists and charlatans who promise that their connections or charm can result ...
Continue reading "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (Updated)" »

Secretary Gates' Sage Advice

According to reports about a new David Sanger book on the current White House's foreign policy, then Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, frustrated with the Administration's initial revelations of ...
Continue reading "Secretary Gates' Sage Advice" »

Collateral Damage - Family & Friends of the Accused

This past weekend news outlets nationwide and as far away as Britain reported that a wealthy Dallas socialite was recently charged with possession and distribution of child pornography by federal ...
Continue reading "Collateral Damage - Family & Friends of the Accused" »

Convicted War Criminal Sentenced Like Common Drug Dealer

Charles Taylor, the 22 nd President of the Republic of Liberia and convicted war criminal, was sentenced to fifty years imprisonment by an international criminal tribunal in The Hague last week for ...
Continue reading "Convicted War Criminal Sentenced Like Common Drug Dealer" »

Do Harris County Judges Want Crack Pipe Cases Back?

For all the ballyhoo in both primary races (yes, there are two) to be the next Harris County District Attorney about so-called "trace," "residue," or "crack-pipe" cases, ...
Continue reading "Do Harris County Judges Want Crack Pipe Cases Back?" »

It's Not Just NFL Players That Suffer from TBIs

The football world is in mourning this week over the suicide of former San Diego Chargers great Junior Seau, who apparently took his own life Wednesday at the young age of 43. Seau's untimely ...
Continue reading "It's Not Just NFL Players That Suffer from TBIs" »

Former Local ADA Leads Edwards Prosecution

For those following the trial of former Senator John Edwards in North Carolina, the lead prosecutor on the case, David V. Harbach, II, was an Assistant Harris County District Attorney not many years ...
Continue reading "Former Local ADA Leads Edwards Prosecution" »

Anarchy in the UK

Forensic misadventures aren't a uniquely Houston, Texas, or American problem. The BBC, Guardian, and other British news outlets have published numerous articles in the past week about the blunders ...
Continue reading "Anarchy in the UK" »

Clicking Away at the Constitution

Thomas Merton remarked in a letter to Roman Catholic bishops in 1967 that, "some sociologists have estimated that within the lifetime of our younger generations a private room will become an ...
Continue reading "Clicking Away at the Constitution" »

The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast

CA-30, the second of four U.S. Navy vessels to be named the USS Houston, was sunk seventy years ago today in the Battle of Sunda Strait. Her bell was recovered in 1978 and is now preserved as part of ...
Continue reading "The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast" »

You know you've been doing this a while if....

In the spirit of the Houston Chronicle's twitter topic on "How to know you're a real Houstonian," below is a list of some ways you might know you've been practicing criminal law ...
Continue reading "You know you've been doing this a while if...." »

Publicity, Persistence, & Passion

For anyone interested in listening to one of the top criminal defense lawyers in NYC, if not the country (one doesn't necessarily mean the other - despite what some New Yorkers may believe), ...
Continue reading "Publicity, Persistence, & Passion" »

A Tough Call (Updated)

A 19 year old Houston woman was arrested late last night for intoxication manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid. Bail was set in each case at $50,000, for a total of $100,000. This amount is ...
Continue reading "A Tough Call (Updated)" »

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