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Beat The Rap

Defending The Accused in the Modern World

Another Shaken Baby Story that Wasn't

The Daily Beast has a lengthy piece about a young couple accused of abusing their child based who did not. As described in the article, there is a growing awareness of problems in so-called ...
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Violence Against Police is Never the Answer

Violence is NEVER the answer to any frustration with law enforcement or the criminal justice system regardless of the merits of those complaints. The attack and assassinations that occurred last week ...
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Hoover's FBI Supported Miranda Decision

Today's Washington Post features and article by Richard Willing describing the FBI's role in the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Miranda of "You have right to remain silent...." ...
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"The False Promise of DNA Testing"

The Atlantic recently published a very informative article about how DNA testing has become less credible relevant and reliable as its use has grossly expanded based upon inadequate training, ...
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Letting Federal Judges Do Just That

For many who encounter the federal criminal justice system, the United States Sentencing Guidelines may seem like the byzantine bane of a defendant's existence. Learning how to navigate them, the ...
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"The Bail Trap" Part 2

For anyone interested in issues including and beyond bail at the Harris County Jail, The Atlantic has published a new piece Harris County Jails Prove Impervious to Reform. This is, in my opinion, spot ...
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The BP Prosecutions - Results So Far

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster led to a number of corporate and individual indictments that may have left few happy. One executive was acqutted earlier this year. Another defendant, Kurt Mix, ...
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"The Bail Trap"

The New York Times this week published The Bail Trap about how many misdemeanor defendants plea guilty to crimes they did not commit to get out of jail because they cannot afford bail rather than go ...
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Disputed Diagnosis

Shaken Baby Syndrome is one of the leading current areas of contention in the war over junk science in the courtroom. The Washington Post is publishing a series about the controversey including ...
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Courting Prayer

Before I begin trials I read the 19th Psalm - alone, in private, and out loud. It is a song about taking our proper place in something much greater than our imperfect selves. It's a prayer, and ...
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Above the Law - Literally

Today was the deadliest day ever on Mt. Everest. Thankfully, a close friend of mine who is a guide with a dozen prior ascents, half from Nepal, half from China, was among the rescuers rather than the ...
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Marfa Takes Manhattan

According to Reports, the editor-in-chief of Texas Monthl y, Jake Silverstein, is to be named to the position of editor of the New York Time Magazine. This is interesting, if for no other reason, ...
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Tell Them Andy Sent You

The most widely covered trial in America this week has been in a Los Angeles courtroom where the University of Texas and Ryan O'Neal are duking it out over an Andy Warhol portrait of his on and ...
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Last Ride of the Luv Ya Blu

People who've been to my office may have noticed that I drink coffee out of a twenty year old Houston Oilers mug. It has the logo on one side and a team roster on the other. When occasionally ...
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The Jack Ruby Trial: A Teaching Moment

There was only one criminal trial in Texas related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Jr, the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald killer Jack Ruby. And for the people of Dallas who wanted to ...
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"Badges, We Don't Need No Stinking Badges"

So what do Eagle Scout criminal trial lawyers do when waiting outside a local federal courtroom where the judge has his own merit badge sash on the wall? Compare merit badges. Surprisingly - none of ...
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There's No "I Was Watching the Texans" Defense to DWI

If you feel like the Houston Texans are driving you to drink - and drive- you should be aware that is no defense in Court. While police, prosecutors, and potential jurors may feel sympathetic to your ...
Continue reading "There's No "I Was Watching the Texans" Defense to DWI" »

Kosar Plays It Smart After DWI Arrest

Former NFL Quarterback and University of Miami great Bernie Kosar was arrested for DWI in Ohio on Sunday. According to the Associated Press, he refused a breath test. This may be the smartest call ...
Continue reading "Kosar Plays It Smart After DWI Arrest" »

How Much Does a DWI Cost?

The number one question asked by those accused of Driving While Intoxicated in Texas is "How Much is this going to cost me?" Depending on the persons criminal record, the jurisdiction, and ...
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The End of Speeding Tickets and More

According to reports, speeding tickets may be a thing of the past in Europe as the E.U. may require cars to electronically detect speed limits and prevent cars from going over them. This blog has ...
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"Mama, I'm with the police...Mama, I killed Dean."

The Houston Chronicle has a great photoblog post on the Candyman killings of the late sixties and early seventies that I've written about before.
Continue reading ""Mama, I'm with the police...Mama, I killed Dean."" »

Dockets, Discovery, and Delays

One of the most frustrating aspects of the local criminal justice system for Defendants is showing up for court setting after court setting when nothing appears to be getting done. This is a ...
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Destination Unknown?

One of my earliest posts on this blog was about knowing when you've won. However, if you don't know how you want something to end, then you don't know how to begin - and neither may your ...
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Pope Named Francis A Novel Idea?

In 1979, American Lawyer and author Walter Murphy' s novel, The Vicar of Christ became a best seller. It is the fictional story of an American lawyer and marine who wins the Congressional Medal of ...
Continue reading "Pope Named Francis A Novel Idea?" »

Common Sense Is Often the Best Defense

A colleague of mine likes to explain the law of possession to potential jurors in drug trials by relating an experience he had in college in hopes they might ultimately use their own life experience ...
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