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Getting to Know Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Meet Attorney Tate Williams

Have you recently been arrested for a crime here in Houston? Perhaps you were pulled over by an officer because you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Did your neighbors call the police on you for yelling in the home resulting in a domestic violence arrest? The list of possible charges can go on forever, what is essential for any individual to know is that you have the right to take legal action and fight for your innocence! If this is you and you are facing any number of charges, contact a criminal defense attorney today at the Law Offices of Q. Tate Williams, P.C.

When an individual is accused of a crime, it can be both a stressful and overwhelming time to go through. The fear of the future alone can lead a person to wonder if there is any hope left for them, and we are here to tell you that all hope is not lost! By contacting a highly qualified and skilled attorney at our firm you will receive the dedicated attention that you truly deserve. Criminal matters are not an easy process, and whatever the situation may be for you, attorney Q. Tate Williams is prepared to do the necessary preparation and research to ensure that you receive a strong defense!

Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a Houston native, Attorney Q. Tate Williams is a dedicated member of his community who hopes to help those that are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Having spent his entire life in the area, he is able to say that he cares for the people in his home town and not just the cases. Williams attended the University of Texas and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts then went on to pursue his Juris Doctorate at the University of Houston Law Center where he graduated in 1999 and was admitted into the state bar shortly after.

Williams is known, as stated, for his dedication to the people of his community. He cares that there are many individuals who make mistakes and are caught in unfortunate circumstances and he wants to come alongside these people and help them fight for freedom and protect their rights as human beings. In his time he has defended a variety of clients in different life situations and whatever the case may be, Q. Tate Williams is here to help those who are in need of legal guidance from start to finish. Tate does not view clients as another paycheck or as a criminal, but rather a person with a unique story who is seeking help. He is prepared to deal with your case with compassion and thoughtfulness as he fights for your innocence with aggression and tact.

As a dedicated criminal defense attorney, Tate is a member of the Criminal Justice and Family Law Sections of the State Bar of Texas, as well as the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and more. Q. Tate Williams has had the privilege in his time to defend numerous clients successfully helping them back to their life of freedom. With time and dedication, Tate has also been able to help many clients who have been accused of minor theft crimes all the way to aggravated robbery and murder. Our firm is dedicated to doing what is necessary to fight aggressively on behalf of our clients. We understand how much is at stake, which is why your case will receive the time and precision that you deserve in order to fight for your freedom. For a closer look at our past case results, please click here.

How can our firm help you?

At the Law Offices of Q. Tate Williams, P.C., we have extensive experience helping clients who are facing a variety of criminal charges. This includes:

For example, if you have been arrested from driving while intoxicated, a lot could be at stake for you and depending on your unique situation, the consequences could be severe. Penalties for a DWI range from a suspended license, hefty fines, probation, possible jail time and many others. Don’t risk losing your driving privileges and your freedom by not contacting a defense attorney right away. It is important to know that when an individual is accused of a DWI, there is a small window of opportunity for which you can challenge your charges, so if this is you contact a Houston criminal defense attorney immediately!

Our firm also has a lot of experience helping clients who have been accused of domestic violence, an offense that is taken very seriously by those in law enforcement. Domestic violence can look different for every family, which is why our firm pays careful attention to these cases. We understand how much is at stake if an individual is convicted of these crimes, and we will do everything in our power to fight for your innocence or for reduced charges. As a skilled and experienced attorney, Q. Tate Williams wants each of his clients to know that they will be in capable hands as they fight for freedom together every step of the way. However, it is essential for all potential clients to know that while all efforts will be put forward to fight for any case, no guarantees can be made for an outcome. What we can promise our clients is that they will receive high quality legal representation and commitment to their case.

Connecting with the Firm

If you would like to learn more about our firm, you can find us on a variety of different internet directories including:

We serve those in Houston and the surrounding areas. Not sure if this is you? Just call and ask us, we are available for 24/7 telephone service! To schedule an appointment you can call us toll free at (888) 245-0409 or fill out an online free case evaluation to hear back from us soon. If you have been accused of a crime, don’t wait another moment to get in touch with the Law Offices of Q. Tate Williams, P.C. Contact us today!

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